Why You Should Use Divi WordPress Theme

Divi is a useful and most loved theme by WordPress community with almost endless opportunities to customize it. DIVI is a multipurpose theme and more than 1,193,159 live websites are using Divi theme.
In this post, we are going to show you why you should use DIVI theme?
Being a web developer and WordPress developer I am using DIVI from last almost 1 & half year and had no issue with that. I also developed 3 DIVI Premium Plugins. Here is a list of some out of hundreds ( if not thousands ) DIVI features.

  1. Huge Community
  2. 732 Layouts and more coming every week
  3. Real Time Design
  4. Customizable User Interface
  5. Just Click & Type
  6. Drag & Drop Feature
  7. Responsive Editing
  8. Elements For everything
  9. Global Elements
  10. Organize With Ease
  11. Save Dev Time with a lot of cool features.
  12. Premade Layouts (300+ and adding new layouts every week)

Huge Community

DIVI is being used in more than 1 Million sites and there are many active Facebook Groups, Blogs, and Marketplaces for DIVI. some of them are listed below.
Facebook Groups

  1. DIVI Theme Users  (Official DIVI Group by Elegant Themes)
  2. DIVI Community ( By Quiroz.Co )
  3. Elegant Marketplace ( By ElegantMarketPlace.com – Andrew )

Pre-made DIVI Theme Layouts

DIVI Design team is really owseme. DIVI have total 732 layouts (Available for FREE ) and more are coming every week so you can just click , install and make your website using a world class design by world class designers.

divi theme

Real Time Design

Design Instantly!
any change that you make is updated immediately within a second before your eyes blink.

Customizable User Interface

You can customize each and every DIVI module.

Copy , Drag & Drop to Save Time

Do you want to duplicate a section of your web page and reuse it again? one way is to recreate it if you want to reuse it but if you are using DIVI then you can copy and paste it or drag and drop it.

Just Click and type

You can start typing buy just one click to add text content in your web page.

Responsive editing

Google Loves Mobile-friendly Web pages and DIVI makes sure that your website is mobile friendly to rank better in Google Searches. You can make your website responsive very easily with just a few clicks.

Elements For everything

DIVI comes with 42 pre-built modules to add functionalities in DIVI from simple text module to WooCommerce Shop Module or dynamic content such as Blog Module, Header Module etc.
best WordPress theme

Global Modules

with DIVI Global modules you can design a module and then use it side wide and when you will make a change to the module on any page it will be applied automatically to all pages. A great choice if you want a Same section i.e footer on all pages.
Divi Theme Global Modules

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